Car burglary attempt foiled

Victim was sitting in vehicle when suspects tried to break in

Two suspects attempted to burglarize a vehicle near Cochrane Road Wednesday night, but ran away when they realized the car’s owner was inside, according to police.

The incident occurred at an unspecified time July 17. Two suspects approached a parked vehicle while the female victim was sitting inside, according to a post on the Morgan Hill Police Department’s Facebook page.

When the woman screamed, the alleged thieves ran off, police said.

Morgan Hill Police officers arrived at the scene and searched for the suspects, but were unable to find them. Police think the suspects fled the area in a white vehicle, according to the Facebook post.

“MHPD does not believe this was any kind of attempted carjacking, but instead a group that was attempting to break in to vehicles and once they saw there was a person inside they fled,” reads the Facebook post. “We would like to remind everyone to remember to lock your doors and windows and not leave anything in plain view. Thieves will typically not break into your vehicle if they don’t see anything of value inside.”

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