Sobrato students secure industry certifications

Ann Sobrato High School students have earned 100 certifications over the course of the 2018-19 school year, according to a recent announcement from Morgan Hill Unified School District.

Through the certification program, the students demonstrated mastery of the specific subject matter knowledge needed for entrance into their respective career field of interest within CTE subject areas.

“The certifications promote successful transitions for students into postsecondary education and/or the workforce,” the release states. “The certifications enhance student resumes and help them stand out to prospective colleges and employers.”

To earn the certification, each student must pass an exam on the iCEV platform based on weighted industry-valued and -accepted standards.

“We have been proud to help students build career skills and opportunities within the Sobrato Agriculture Department,” said Sobrato FFA Advisor Travis Wyrick.

Students earned certificates in the following areas:

• American Meat Science Association Culinary Meat Selection and Cookery Certification: Sarah King; Kristiana Armeniakos; Sabrina Bohnsack; Aniello Calisi; Alexander Torres Avendano; Alex Nguyen; Lesly Aguilar; Antonio Pulido; Jesse Redmond; Regan Fleming; Michael Middleton; Kenny Kim; Lily Finegan; Natalie Barraza; Gabriel Morante; Hiawatha Anderson; Yazmine Martinez; Monnena Curniffe; Edgar Varela; David Sweeney; Consuelo Lara; Sean Nuttall; Nolan Johnson; Marissa Young; Brandon Kavitsky; Idalia Lopez; Zack Gieg; Jasmin Munoz; Camy NguyenLe; Jeffrey Paul; Gregory Cohen; German Lopez; Felipe Castellon; Jocelyn Jarquin; Victoria Gonzalez; Natasha Forbes; Rose Moynihan; and Ryan Ngo.

• Bayer Crop Science Plant Science Certification: Alyssa Bruno; Terrence Lim; Alicia White; Vikram Singh; and Montana Juarez.

• Benz School of Floral Design Principles of Floral Design Certification: Terrence Lim; Anthony Castronovo; Avery Lofquist; Samantha Rogers; Christian Keller; Victoria Clark; Emily Tercero; Alyssa Fassio; Marisa Villanueva; Bella Romani; Zaria Kelley; Jack Howard; Zavina Acevedo; Audra Clarke; Dayse Olvera; Athena Ruvalcaba; Samuel Van Rhijn; Sean Nuttall; Kayla Wensmann; Sebastian Pereira; Marissa Young; Tristan Smoot; Adriana Perazzo; Emanuel Gutierrez; Jami Iven; Carlos Gallardo; Cameron Henke; Peter Carbaja; and Montana Juarez.

• Equipment & Engine Training Council Principles of Small Engine Technology Certification: Alyssa Bruno.

• Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification: Alyssa Bruno; Kennedy Heninger; Anthony Castronovo; Samuel Van Rhijn; Jared Mandrell; and Kayla Wensmann.

• Elanco Veterinary Medical Applications Certification: Victoria Greathurst; Jett Asuncion; Jessica Mendes; Cooper Callison; Usha Changaran; Lupe Barron; Alexa Galocy; Kristiana Armeniakos; Raymond Valles; Nolan Johnson; Sebastian Pereira; Alejandro Victorino; Shalimar McGinnis; Sara Magana; Samantha Parish; and Alejandro Lopez.

• Southwest Airlines Professional Communications Certification: Sruchi Patel; Austin Hoang; Niah Carrender; Lisa Nguyen; and Myan Lam.

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