Times presents Class of 2019 Senior Spotlights

Each year, The Times profiles a few outstanding soon-to-be Morgan Hill Unified School District graduates. Selected from recommendations of staff at Live Oak and Ann Sobrato High Schools, these seniors represent some of the best that Morgan Hill has to offer.

Their comments here are in response to a common set of questions.

These students have navigated the labyrinth of high school, and inspire others by their optimistic outlook, refreshing attitudes and heartfelt honesty.

In addition to celebrating them, their families and their mentors, it is time to celebrate all of the graduating seniors in the class of 2019 for their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck and a fulfilling future.


Zaria Kelley

COLLEGE: University of Southern California

Zaria Kelley

OTHER ACCEPTANCES: Santa Clara University, UC Davis, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Stanford

MAJOR: Psychology

GOAL: Veterinary medicine

MEMORIES: Getting to see the cotton candy summer sunrises and sunsets. Storming Live Oak’s football field with other Sobrato students my sophomore year after we lost the (last) El Toro bowl.

Jacob Lemoff


OTHER ACCEPTANCES: UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, Cal Poly SLO, San Jose State, San Diego State, Santa Clara University

Jacob Lemoff

MAJOR: Business economics

GOAL: CEO of a Fortune 500 company

MEMORIES: I actually spent most of my childhood in Morgantown, West Virginia, but since my move to Morgan Hill, I have enjoyed the diverse culture here as well as access to unique experiences in a place with a small town feel.

The day I got accepted to UCLA and all the hard work paid off.

Holly Rottenborn

COLLEGE: UC Santa Barbara

OTHER ACCEPTANCES: UC San Diego, Sonoma State, San Diego State

Holly Rottenborn

MAJOR: Biology

GOAL: Orthopedic surgeon

MEMORIES: It’s small enough that you become familiar with everything and everyone, but it’s big enough that we could escape to places untouched by humans that are beautifully natural.

I’ll never forget leading the final cheer for my varsity soccer team after we won second place in CCS!

Haley Toch

COLLEGE: University of Washington, Seattle

OTHER ACCEPTANCES: UC Berkeley, Cal Poly, San Diego State; waitlisted at UCSB, UCSD and UCI.

Haley Toch

MAJOR: Major in psychology, minor in nutrition

GOAL: Childhood and adolescent clinical psychologist

Although it was difficult growing up in such a small town, it made me appreciate my friends so much more, and the little moments, like watching the sunsets together and eating lots of ice cream.

I was ASB vice president my senior year, and at Sobrato, we take homecoming very seriously. My ASB class spent months making decorations and planning skits for our night rallies. I will never be able to forget the look on our class’s face when they walked into the gym that night; they were amazed with what we were able to accomplish, and it made all the work and stress worth it.


Connor Dietz

COLLEGE: University of California Berkeley

OTHER ACCEPTANCES: University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Pepperdine, Santa Clara University, USC, University of Wyoming, SDSU, CSULB, Seton Hall University, University of Portland, George Fox University

Connor Dietz

MAJOR: Biology

GOAL: Orthodontist

MEMORIES: Getting to know all my amazing friends who are like family to me because of the community being so close and relatively small.

Getting First Team All-League BVAL for football and soccer.

Lindsey Hillesland

COLLEGE: The University of British Columbia

OTHER ACCEPTANCES: Portland State University, University of Portland, James Madison University, UC Merced

MAJOR: International relations

Lindsey Hillesland

GOAL: My goal is to work for the government.

MEMORIES: I really like how you could drive one hour north, south, east or west of Morgan Hill and end up in vastly different areas.

All the most memorable moments I have are with my friends, and I really loved being able to see them every day at school.

Brian Ho

COLLEGE: University of California, Los Angeles

OTHER ACCEPTANCES: UC Davis, UC Riverside, UC San Diego and San Jose State University

MAJOR: Physiological science

Brian Ho

GOAL: General physician

MEMORIES: The peaceful and active community with members who are always supportive of one another. Everyone here is friendly and contributes something unique to the community.

My most memorable moment of high school was when my friends and I decided to take a break from a long project by riding a small golf cart around my friend’s lake at 35 miles per hour.

Khyron Rodriguez


OTHER ACCEPTANCES: University of the Pacific, University of Portland, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, CSU Long Beach, Rochester Institute of Technology

Khryon Rodriguez

MAJOR: Biomedical engineering

GOAL: I would like to become an anesthesiologist.

MEMORIES: The hardworking community. Everybody wants to be the “small town that could,” and this motivates everyone to do the best they can in order to prove that even with a small population Morgan Hill is still a great town.

The most memorable moment of high school for me was when the senior class had an assembly where everyone announced the colleges they were going to. It was surreal, and I got to witness a truly beautiful moment. You could see the proud and excited faces everyone had as they thought of their bright and very near futures. It was an exciting time and I couldn’t help but feel happy. I was happy not only for my future but for every single one of my peers’ futures as well.

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