Police blotter: Theft, stolen vehicles

Auto burglary

A thief or thieves broke into a white Lexus parked at Starbucks, 251 Vineyard Town Center. Stolen from the vehicle were an IBM tablet and a backpack. The crime was reported 5:57am May 24.


An adult male stole several candy bars from the Chevron, 825 E. Dunne Ave. The crime was reported 10:31am May 24.

A suspect stole a jumpstart kit worth about $259 from The Home Depot, 860 E. Dunne Ave. The crime was reported 3:27pm May 18.

Stolen vehicle

Someone stole a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer from a spot on Butterfield Boulevard. The vehicle was recovered later at outside a Morgan Hill business, but the wheels had been removed. The crime was reported 12:33pm May 22.

A thief or thieves stole a black 2015 Dodge Challenger from a spot on West Main Avenue. The crime was reported 4:28pm May 18.


Police arrested a man who had been reportedly hitting vehicles with a stick and throwing rocks at cars in the area of Butterfield Boulevard and Cochrane Road. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of vandalism and public drunkenness. The crime was reported 4:42pm May 22.

Petty theft

Six suspects worked together to steal merchandise from Target, 1061 Cochrane Road. The suspects left the area in a black Honda. The crime was reported 3:18pm May 21.

An adult male suspect stole a battery charger worth $200 from O’Reilly Auto Parts, 16060 Monterey Road. The man left the store in a black Honda sedan. The crime was reported 10:47am May 20.

A white female adult and a Hispanic male adult stole about $130 worth of party and art supplies from Hobby Lobby, 990 Cochrane Road. The theft was reported 7:05pm May 15.


A burglar stole about $125 worth of fragrances from Ulta, 1027 Cochrane Road. The suspect fled in a black Acura TLX. The crime was reported 7:27pm May 17.

Animal control

Two large black dogs killed some chickens belonging to a resident of Diana Avenue. The incident was reported 12:51pm May 18.


A victim lost her wallet and her credit card was subsequently used to purchase $57.50 worth of gas at Morgan Hill Gas, 17905 Monterey Road. The fraud was reported 5:58pm May 15.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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