City apologizes for Amgen traffic snafu

Unexpected delays follow bike race

Morgan Hill residents received an apology from City Hall on Tuesday evening for traffic delays following the Amgen Tour of California passing through the city.

Traffic delays were expected and publicized by the city and event organizers, but Morgan Hill Community Engagement Officer Maureen Tobin told the Times that the road opening took 45 minutes longer than expected.

Tobin said the circumstances were out of the city’s control, but that the delay “did cause a headache to those who were keeping track” of the road closures. Many residents took to Facebook to air their frustrations. Some claimed it took more than an hour to travel from Gilroy to Morgan Hill the afternoon of May 14, following the completion of the Tour of California Stage 3 race. Other Facebook users noted the regular flow of afternoon commuter traffic—to Morgan Hill from the north—was exceedingly slower than usual.

The city’s emergency email read, “Although there was significant planning and preparation for this event, due to issues and conditions on the course, the race required longer road closures than had been anticipated and planned for. We recognize that this caused significant inconvenience, frustration and concern for many. We sincerely apologize.”

Overall, Tobin said the event was a major success for the city, and that the city was honored to be chosen to host the event.

This is the second consecutive year Morgan Hill has seen the Amgen Tour of California pass through the city and views the event as a way to bring tourism and business to the city. The Stage 3 race began in Stockton the morning of May 14, and finished at the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center in the afternoon.

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