Taking out the trash

A giant crane moves a two-story metal trash building from one side of The Granary parking lot to another the morning of May 6.

You may have seen a housefly, but most people have never witnessed a two-story metal trash enclosure soar through the air. That happened in downtown Morgan Hill May 6, when developers of The Granary District on Depot Street hired a crane operator to move the complex’s metal trash enclosure.

Developer Weston Miles Architects moved the building to make way for a new two-story, 2,750-square-foot commercial building west of the Union Pacific railroad tracks. The trash building was sitting just next to the district’s grain silos, and was moved about 100 feet next to the private orchard that fronts Depot Street. Construction on the new commercial building will likely begin late spring or early summer.

The commercial development will complete the full development of The Granary District, which includes a condominium complex on the corner of Depot Street and East Main Avenue, a cluster of retail shops and restaurants, and an office building.

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