Police blotter: Petty theft, vandalism


Three female subjects were seen fighting at Taco Bell, 16900 Monterey Road, about 4pm March 18. A fourth subject was seen filming the skirmish. The parties were gone when officers arrived.


A resident of Oakwood Court returned home to find that someone had broken into the residence and stolen items. The suspect or suspects stole a safe that contained cash and jewelry. The burglar or burglars entered the home through an open window. The crime was reported 4:45pm March 18.

Someone broke into a home undergoing a remodel on Heidi Court, and stole several tools. The crime was reported 9:15am March 19.

A burglar or burglars broke into a property on East Main Avenue and stole three generators. The crime was reported 3:38am March 17.

Someone broke into a property on Monterey Road and stole two 65-inch television sets. A third television was damaged when the thief or thieves tried to remove it from the wall. The crime was reported 11:16am March 18.

Petty theft

A suspect caught on camera stole several containers of flowers from the front porch of a home on West Main Avenue. The suspect left a $100 bill on the porch, but police later determined the cash was counterfeit. The crime was reported 6:15pm March 18.

Someone stole a purse from the victim’s friend’s Chevrolet pickup at Galvan Park, 17666 Crest Ave. The crime was reported 7:38pm March 18.

A thief or thieves broke into a home on Santorini Lane and stole prescription medications. The crime was reported 3:54am March 18.

Animal control

A dog bit a 19-year-old man on the leg in the area of La Alameda Drive. Paramedics were called to the scene. The incident was reported 8:41pm March 18.


A vandal or vandals threw a rock at the ATM outside Bank of America, 101 Vineyard Town Center, damaging the machine. The crime was reported 9:19am March 19.

A male adult slashed the tire on a victim’s vehicle with a knife and ran toward Peak Avenue. The victim’s vehicle was parked on the 100 block of East Dunne Avenue when the vandalism occurred. The crime was reported 12:25pm March 16.

Someone threw a brick through the window of a business on San Pedro Avenue. Nothing was stolen. The vandalism was reported 8:11am March 18.

Auto burglary

A thief or thieves broke into a gold 2008 Cadillac Escalade on Paloma Drive and stole a purse, credit cards, messenger bag and other items. The crime was reported 10:50am March 19.

Someone broke into a blue Silverado pickup on Madrone Parkway and stole about $2,000 worth of tools. The crime was reported 8:23am March 6.


Two people were cited for shoplifting from Target, 1061 Cochrane Road. The incident was reported 6:54pm March 15.

Stolen vehicle

Someone stole a gold 2009 Dodge Avenger from a spot on West Fourth Street. The crime was reported 11:46am March 16.


A woman called police to report that her male friend kicked her out of a room on Monterey Road because he thought she had been stealing marijuana from him. The man also told the woman that her former spouse would be released from prison in about six months, at which point he would “beat up” the woman. The disturbance was reported 8:09am March 18.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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