Police respond to suicide attempt

Morgan Hill Police responded to an apparent attempted suicide by gunshot in a public parking lot Tuesday morning, according to authorities.

About 9:40am Feb. 5, officers were dispatched to the southeast parking lot of 650 Tennant Station, in response to a call reporting a possible dead body, reads a press release from MHPD. Witnesses reported a man was found sitting alone in a parked vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head.

MHPD officers arrived and rendered the scene safe, police said. EMS personnel responded and provided life-saving medical treatment for the victim. Vital signs were established and the man was transported to a local trauma hospital.

Officers remained at the scene to gather evidence and interview witnesses, police said.

MHPD wanted to remind the community that if you or a family member are currently in crisis, struggling with mental health, substance abuse, or both, there is a 24-hour crisis hotline available through the Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services at (855) 278-4204. The Behavioral Health Call Center is the entry point for access to all Santa Clara County behavioral health services.

Anyone with information about this incident can call MHPD Sgt. Bill Norman at (669) 253-4982, or email [email protected]

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