Dancing with Dad

ALL SPARKLES Addie Wright, 6, and her dad, Mike, establish a groove and get swinging on the dance floor. Credit: Scott Hinrichs

Fathers and daughters cut a rug during the 2019 Father Daughter Dinner Dance on Saturday, Jan. 26.

The event at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center gave dads and daughters an opportunity to usher in the new year with special memories.

Attendees enjoyed refreshments and a sit-down dinner as well as photo booth to capture the enchanted evening.

On Saturday, Feb. 2, the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center will host its first Mother Son Dance Party from 6-9pm, including a light dinner, refreshments and carnival-inspired snacks.

The Feb. 2 event is for children ages 4-11. For more information, contact the Community and Cultural Center at 408.782.0008 or visit, mhreconline.com. The center is located at 17000 Monterey Road.

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