Police blotter: Thefts, hit and run

A silver lifted pickup truck was seen running through a red light at about 55 mph, at Butterfield Boulevard and Dunne Avenue.

The man and woman pictured above were photographed leaving Target, where they had just purchased items using a credit card stolen from a woman shopping at Trader Joe’s earlier in the day, according to Morgan Hill Police. MHPD posted photos of the suspects at Trader Joe’s and Target. Not pictured is a third suspect, who is female, police said. The suspects allegedly stole the victim’s purse while the victim was shopping at Trader Joe’s. Minutes later, the suspects used the victim’s credit cards to buy more than $2,200 worth of merchandise from Target and Walmart. The theft occurred Jan. 19. Anyone with information about the theft can call MHPD Officer Rios at (669) 253-4990.


Someone stole a Dell computer, worth about $750, from the front door step of a residence on Creekside Circle. The crime was reported 11:42am Jan. 24.

A thief or thieves broke into and rummaged through at least three vehicles associated to different residences on La Rocca Court. A victim’s Dept. of Corrections badge and duty belt were among the items stolen from the vehicles. The crimes were reported 9:54am Jan. 26.

Auto burglary

A suspect or suspects broke the rear driver’s side window of a Toyota Corolla and stole a computer bag containing a computer, iPad and paperwork. The crime occurred while the vehicle was parked at the Cochrane Chevron, 851 Cochrane Road, and was reported 12:09pm Jan. 24.

Someone pried open the door of a van and entered the vehicle. The crime was reported 5:21am Jan. 23 on Woodview Avenue.

A burglar or burglars smashed the window of a silver Lexus and took a black cloth bag. The vehicle was parked at Walgreens on East Dunne Avenue. The crime was reported 5:28pm Jan. 18.

Hit and run

A suspect driving a white Dodge Charger collided with a parked gray Honda CRV in the parking lot of Bank of America, 101 Vineyard Town Center. The Charger left the scene after the collision, which resulted in minor damages to the Honda. The driver of the Charger is described as a female age 16-18, wearing sunglasses and her hair in a bun. The crime was reported 2:20pm Jan. 24.

Petty theft

At least two suspects stole a Makita brand demolition hammer, worth about $700, from The Home Depot, 860 E. Dunne Ave. The crime was reported 10:32pm Jan. 24.

Someone stole a front license plate from a 2016 Honda that was parked on La Sierra Court. The crime was reported 9:06am Jan. 28.

A thief or thieves stole two license plates from a Ford Focus parked on Morning Star Drive. The theft was reported 9:03pm Jan. 23.

School resource activity

Police received a report from Loritta Johnson Bonfante Education Center on Tilton Avenue that a student tried to taser another student. The incident was reported 12:26pm Jan. 25.

Animal control

Five black cows wandered into a neighbor’s yard on Oak View Circle. The incident was reported 736am Jan. 26.

Stolen vehicle

Someone stole a silver 1998 Honda Civic from a spot on East Dunne Avenue. The crime was reported 8:21am Jan. 28.

A thief or thieves stole a rented Jeep Cherokee from a parking spot on the 16900 block of Monterey Road. The theft was reported 8:19am Jan. 24.

Reckless vehicle

A silver lifted pickup truck was seen running through a red light at about 55 mph, at Butterfield Boulevard and Dunne Avenue. The recklessness was reported 6:35pm Jan. 23.


Two male suspects, caught on a home video camera, broke into a home on Del Monte Lane just before the homeowner arrived. The suspects fled the area when the homeowner came home. The crime was reported 1:11pm Jan. 18.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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