Middle School Information Nights coming up for four sites

Britton, Murphy, JAMM, SMG to host parents

Update: Britton changes from Feb. 6 to Feb. 12, per principal

Morgan Hill Unified School District staff will host “Middle School Information Night: Parent Orientation” at each of its secondary school sites, according to a recent announcement.

Parents can learn of the electives offered, sports and athletic teams, after-school activities, school clubs and more during the presentations.

The information nights are as follows:

• Jan. 31, 6-7pm, Jackson Academy of Math and Music, 2700 Fountain Oaks Drive (in library);

• Feb. 7, 6-7pm, Martin Murphy Middle School, 141 Avenida Espana (in gymnasium);

• Feb. 12, 6-7pm, Britton Middle School, 80 W. Central Ave. (in gymnasium); and

• Feb. 13, 6-7pm, San Martin Gwinn Environmental Science Academy, 13745 Llagas Ave. (in library).

Britton and Martin Murphy are sixth- through eighth-grade sites, while JAMM and SMG are K-8 schools.

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