Veterans Run raises nearly $15K

Even though the annual Nov. 11 Veterans Day Run was canceled due to smoke from fires in Northern California, the fundraiser was lucrative for a list of non-profit organizations. Organizer Charles Weston, a Morgan Hill resident and business owner, said the annual 5K run raised a total of $14,819 to be donated to the following non-profits that serve veterans: Taji 100, Operation Freedom Paws, Dream Power, Project Hired and Freedom Fest.

“I’m a Vietnam veteran and, upon return from Vietnam, found it very difficult to assimilate. One of the things that saved me in addition to my family and the Vietnam Veterans Center, was my running,” Weston said.

Picture in the attached photo are representatives of some of these organizations receiving the proceeds in a ceremony at Weston’s downtown Morgan Hill office: Kim Moyano, Freedom Fest treasurer; Sharon Winston of Project Hired; Martha McNeil of Dream Power; Weston; and Mary Cortani of Operation Freedom Paws.

Before the scheduled Nov. 11 run, 119 runners had signed up for the fundraiser. When given the chance for a refund, none of them accepted the offer. Weston added that sponsorships made up a sizable portion of the total proceeds from this year’s run.

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