Police blotter: Weapons, narcotics at schools

Sobrato High School staff detained two students—one for possession of a knife and one for possession of a marijuana “vape” pen, according to police.


A man defecated inside a laundry-mat on the 16900 block of Monterey Road and was harassing customers before he was removed from the business. The man was served with a trespassing notice. The incident was reported 11am Nov. 12.

Weapon violation

A student at Britton Middle School, 80 W. Central Ave., was detained for possession of a folding knife on campus. The incident was reported 12:53pm Nov. 16.

Narcotics complaint

Sobrato High School staff detained two students—one for possession of a knife and one for possession of a marijuana “vape” pen, according to police. The complaint was reported 1:31pm Nov. 14.


A resident in the area of Sunnyside Avenue and Encino Drive told police that his neighbor cut a hole in the fence and removed a tree in order to move an RV onto the property. The neighbor left the felled tree on the victim’s property, according to police reports. The incident was reported 2:14pm Nov. 12.

Animal control

A black cow was roaming loose on Oakwood Court. The cow’s owner was notified and retrieved the animal. The incident was reported 5:35pm Nov. 16.


A blue Dodge Ram with a 14-foot cargo trailer knocked over a fire hydrant on Serra Court. The accident created a “geyser” leak from the hydrant. The accident was reported 6:08pm Nov. 16.


Someone burglarized a home on Shasta Lane. The suspect or suspects stole a garage door opener, a signed boxing glove and a bottle of codeine cough medicine. The burglary was reported 8:07pm Nov. 14.

Stolen vehicle

Someone stole a red Chevrolet Colorado from a residence on El Toro Court. The theft was reported 6:49am Nov. 13.

A red utility trailer was stolen from a residence on Cochrane Road. The theft was reported 9:10am Nov. 14.

A thief or thieves stole a 2018 U-Haul truck from a residence on Monterey Road. The theft was reported 9:50am Nov. 14.

A red 1991 Toyota Camry was stolen from a spot on Monterey Road. The crime was reported 7:57am Nov. 11.

Petty theft

A thief or thieves stole copper from a construction site on Monterey Road. The theft was reported 7:28am Nov. 13. A male adult later attempted to sell copper pipe, matching the items stolen from the construction site, at a business on Railroad Avenue. Police identified and arrested the suspect on suspicion of theft.

Someone stole a wallet from a customer’s locker at 24 Hour Fitness, 850 Tennant Station Way. The crime was reported 6:18pm Nov. 15.

A male adult suspect stole about $1,200 worth of clothing from Dick’s Sporting Goods, 1011 Cochrane Road. The suspect was described as a Hispanic mani n his 30s, heavy set with a tattoo on his neck and both arms, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans with a Washington Nationals baseball cap. The man threw the stolen items into the trunk of a white Lexus, entered the driver’s seat and sped away from the area. The theft was reported 7:57pm Nov. 19.

Auto burglary

A thief or thieves smashed the windows on a work van and stole about $30,000 worth of equipment from the vehicle. The crime was reported 4pm Nov. 18 on the 1300 block of Crowfoot Lane.

Someone smashed the window of a rented vehicle outside a hotel on Condit Road. The incident was reported 8:53am Nov. 15.


A customer ran out of a hair salon at Vineyard Town Center without paying after complaining about the quality of the hairstyle she received. The theft was reported 8:26pm Nov. 15.

A thief ran out of The Home Depot, 860 E. Dunne Ave., with about $1,400 worth of merchandise. The suspect was seen leaving the parking lot in a Chevrolet HHR with yellow “DGDG” plates. The crime was reported 11:57am Nov. 15.


A suspect opened a gofundme.com fundraising page in the victim’s name, without the victim’s permission. The fraud was reported to MHPD 10:15am Nov. 16.

Defraud innkeeper

A customer of a hotel on Condit Road left the facility without paying for her stay as a guest. The customer paid about $668—about half the total bill—and left without paying the rest. The female suspect left the hotel in a Land Rover Discovery. The crime was reported 2:14pm Nov. 16.  


A 56-year-old man reported he was assaulted near the handball courts at Galvan Park on Crest Avenue. The man reported back pain and said he could barely walk after the incident, in which the suspect also stole the man’s cell phone. The victim was transported to Valley Medical Center for treatment of injuries. The incident was reported 7:17pm Nov. 18.

Medical call

A 13-year-old drank two bottles of wine and began vomiting and losing consciousness before someone called for an ambulance. The incident was reported on Oak Leaf Drive, about 9:30pm Nov. 9. Paramedics arrived and transported the child to a hospital.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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