Guest view: Return to Good Governance Nov. 6

The essential core or “heart” of such an organization is good governance

For an organization such as a school board to be successful it must be diligent in establishing clear objectives, it must strive to continuously improve and it must maintain ethical and legal standing in the community. The essential core or “heart” of such an organization is good governance.  

We would argue that for the past four years, despite the best efforts of Trustees Woolf, Ruebusch, Patterson and Murillo, the Morgan Hill Unified School District Board of Education has been frustrated at maintaining the standards of good governance.

What is Good Governance? Good governance is responsive to the present and future needs of the organization. It exercises prudence in policy-setting and decision-making. It assures that the best interests of all stakeholders are taken into account.

Good governance is described as having eight major characteristics: It is Participatory, Consensus Oriented, Accountable, Transparent, Responsive, Effective and Efficient, Equitable and Inclusive, and Follows the Rule of Law.

We reject candidates who:

• Would run on a singular issue without ever having attended a school board meeting;

• Would seek to exclude people of different color, language or culture from attending daytime classes at our elementary schools;

• Would exhibit behavioral tendencies that would lead to the need for a restraining order of any sort;

• Would accept $7,000.00 in assistance from an outside education organization;

• Would falsely claim a mayoral endorsement in a race for a seat on the County Board of Education;

Would also accept significant financial assistance from organizations outside of Morgan Hill.

What did we do?

As a committee, we sought candidates for the MHUSD Board of Education. We sought individuals:

• Of good character and high moral standing;

• With open minded intelligence, an understanding of the role of the school board and a desire to serve;

• Actively involved with school and educational programs, with ties to community functions;

• Willing to volunteer or work toward the greater good;

• Who understand the significance of Good Governance.

Whom do we support?

As a committee, we do not endorse candidates. We present those we feel best represent our interest in positive governance. We ask that you research the candidates.  

We respectfully present and ask your support for:

• Wendy Sullivan or Peter Mandel in MHUSD Trustee Area 1;

• Tara Bevington or John Horner in MHUSD Trustee Area 2;

• Carol Gittens in MHUSD Trustee Area 4;

• Angelica Diaz in Trustee Area 5;

• Claudia Rossi for Santa Clara County Board of Education.

Submitted by “The Citizens for Positive Governance”: Mario Banuelos, Nancy Palm, Pam Torrisi, Bob Benevento, Donna Ruebusch, Peggy Woolf, Swanee Edwards, Brian Sullivan, Ron Woolf, Roger Knopf, Kathy Sullivan.

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