Police blotter: Vandalism, hit and run

Stolen vehicles, auto burglaries


A suspect or suspects drove trucks onto the football field at Sobrato High School, 400 Burnett Ave., creating deep ruts in the playing surface. The damage forced the school to move Sobrato’s junior varsity and varsity football games to Live Oak High School Sept. 29. The damage at the Sobrato field was reported Sept. 27.

Someone tagged a house on Calle Mazatan with graffiti. The graffiti was found on a window on the front of the home. The crime was reported 2:04pm Sept. 26.

A resident of La Alameda Drive told police her neighbor removed her mailbox so he could park his motorhome on the street. The neighbor with the motorhome replaced the mailbox with a different post. Police told the victim to request the U.S. Postal Service to assess the damage and advise if a crime had occurred. The incident was reported 10:55am Sept. 27.

Grand theft

Someone broke a lock to a work trailer on Laurel Road and stole power tools, a gas machine and water heater. The crime was reported 7:23am Sept. 24.


A male customer of Cigarland, 17020 Condit Road, caused a scene when an employee told him he could not return a used water pipe that the customer previously purchased from the store. The customer began to tell other people not to shop at the store, and displayed a gun when someone asked him to calm down. The angry customer left the area in a Jeep. The disturbance was reported 6:18pm Sept. 23.

Stolen vehicle

Someone stole a white 2000 Chevrolet Astro van from a spot on Jarvis Drive. The crime was reported 5:42pm Sept. 18.

Petty theft

A thief or thieves stole a rear license plate from a vehicle parked on Burnett Avenue. The theft was reported 8:27am Sept. 19.

A woman stole a purse, clothing and lotion from Target, 1061 Cochrane Road. The crime was reported 4:12pm Sept. 24.

Someone stole the front license plate from a vehicle parked on El Toro Court. The theft was reported 4:14pm Sept. 26.

A thief or thieves entered a Jeep Cherokee parked on Butterfield Boulevard and stole a backpack, bank information, mail and credit card statements. The crime was reported 7:54am Sept. 28.

A shoplifter stole two bags worth of art supplies from Hobby Lobby, 990 Cochrane Road. The suspect was described as a female adult, and she left the area in a tan GMC driven by a male adult. The crime was reported 7:18pm Sept. 22.


A thief or thieves stole three televisions from a storage unit at a commercial storage facility on Monterey Road. The crime was reported at noon Sept. 25.

Someone stole a tent from Dick’s Sporting Goods, 1011 Cochrane Road. The crime was reported 7:23pm Sept. 27.


A tow truck driver was attempting to tow a vehicle from a private property, when the owner of the car entered the vehicle and drove it off the tow truck. The tow truck was damaged as a result. Police determined the disturbance was a civil issue. The incident was reported 3:02pm Sept. 26 on Monterey Road.

A man driving a blue Audi ran a stop sign in the area of Britton Middle School, 80 W. Central Ave. A 12-year-old student told the driver not to run stop signs, and the adult driver exited the Audi and yelled at the child and other juveniles. The disturbance was reported 3:55pm Sept. 21.

Hit and run

A blue Ford pickup truck rear-ended a parked vehicle in the parking lot of Wells Fargo Bank, 17590 Monterey Road, resulting in neck and back pain for the victim. The pickup truck driver left the scene of the accident, but police caught up with the vehicle and arrested the driver. The crime was reported 10:46pm Sept. 26.

Auto burglary

Someone ransacked a vehicle on Corte Cabanil and stole a wallet and other items. The crime was reported 7:51am Sept. 28.

A thief or thieves broke into a Lexus parked at 24 Hour Fitness, 850 Tennant Station Way, and stole the victim’s cell phone and wallet. The burglary was reported 11:17am Sept. 24.


An employee of O’Reilly Auto Parts, 16060 Monterey Road, was accused of committing refund fraud while working at the store. The crime was reported 11:43am Sept. 21.


A motorcycle crashed on the Tennant Avenue overpass, causing the vehicle to catch on fire. The motorcycle driver appeared to be uninjured. The accident was reported 6:07pm Sept. 21.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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