Police blotter

Stolen vehicleSomeone stole a white 1996 Honda Accord from a spot on Sanchez Drive. The crime was reported 5:58am Sept. 18.

Defrauding an innkeeper

A customer at an auto repair shop on Monterey Road left the store without paying for more than $1,000 worth of repairs. The suspect drove away in his white 2005 Chevrolet Colorado, which had just been repaired. The crime was reported 1:30pm Sept. 14.


A male adult suspect stole a “large quantity” of baby formula from Safeway, 235 Tennant Station, according to police reports. The suspect drove away from the store in a dark Mercedes SUV, with two female passengers. The crime was reported 3:47pm Sept. 15.

Police arrested a suspect for shoplifting about $40 worth of merchandise from Target, 1061 Cochrane Road. The suspect is alleged to have previously stolen from other Target stores. The crime in Morgan Hill was reported 5:49pm Sept. 15.

A female stole 10 football jerseys from Dick’s Sporting Goods, 1011 Cochrane Road. The woman left the parking lot in a black Lexus sedan. The crime was reported 7:09pm Sept. 8.

Auto burglary

A thief or thieves broke into a Chevrolet Silverado and a white Suburban parked in the area of Serene Drive and Butterfield Boulevard. The crimes were reported about 9:30am Sept. 18.

Someone broke into a Ford Fusion parked on Heritage Court and rummaged through the vehicle. The burglary was reported 8:19am Aug. 31.

A thief or thieves broke into a Honda Accord and stole tools from the vehicle. The crime was reported 8:54am Aug. 31 on Jarvis Drive.

Someone broke the rear driver’s side window of an Infiniti QX60 that was parked on Condit Road. The crime was reported 10:34am Aug. 31.

A suspect or suspects broke the rear driver’s side window to gain entry to a black Nissan Pathfinder, which was parked on Condit Road. A purse and a Social Security card were stolen from the vehicle. The crime was reported 8:43pm Aug. 29.

Hit and run

A silver Mercedes van rear-ended a Toyota Camry at the intersection of Condit Road and East Dunne Avenue. The driver of the Mercedes allegedly refused to exchange information with the Toyota driver. The Toyota suffered damage to the rear of the vehicle. The incident was reported 1:50pm Aug. 28.

Petty theft

A suspect walked out of Wal-mart, 170 Cochrane Plaza, with about $400 worth of makeup without paying for the merchandise. The crime was reported 12:04am Sept. 18.

Someone broke into a black Cadillac Escalade on Sorrel Way and stole a bucket of softballs. The crime was reported 1:41am Sept. 18.

A male suspect walked out of Safeway, 235 Tennant Station, carrying two cases of Modelo beer for which he did not pay. The suspect left the area in a GMC truck. Police caught up with the suspect and arrested him in front of Jack in the Box on Monterey Road. The crime was reported 3:15pm Aug. 28.

Someone stole two vacuums worth about $1,000 from Target, 1061 Cochrane Road. The crime was reported 7:14pm Aug. 28.

Two women in their 20s stole earrings and other jewelry from the Morgan Hill Car Wash and Gift Shop, 16225 Monterey Road. The crime was reported 2:58pm Sept. 11.

A male stole some video game controllers and a sweater—together worth about $250—from Target, 1061 Cochrane Road. Police arrested the suspect. The crime was reported 4:30pm Sept. 10.

Person down

A woman arrived to her home on Del Monte Avenue to find a man she did not know lying face-down on her porch. EMS responded and transported the man to a nearby hospital. The incident was reported 7:03pm Sept. 7.


A suspect or suspects smashed out all the windows on a white Mercedes on Condit Road. The crime was reported 8:50am Sept. 8.


A truck with a trailer hit six vehicles in the area of Monterey and Watsonville roads. No injuries were reported. Authorities shut the northbound lane of Monterey Road while the accident was cleared from the roadway. The accident was reported 5:55am Sept. 12.


A victim purchased a cargo trailer by responding to an ad on Craigslist, and sent $1,200 worth of eBay gift cards at the seller’s request. The victim never heard back from the seller and did not receive the trailer. The crime was reported 5:23pm Sept. 10.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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