Yoga meets goats

Goats gathered on people for an original yoga experience on Saturday, Sept. 8 in San Martin.

That’s right. The Original Goat Yoga has finally come to the South Valley.

Lainey Morse, founder and CEO of Goat Yoga, said she came up with the idea in 2016.

“It’s something that just kind of developed by accident,” she said.

Going through a rough patch, Morse said she would spend a lot of time outdoors with her goats, and eventually she began inviting her friends to join her.

A friend and yoga instructor encouraged Morse to allow her to host a yoga class and the rest, as they say, is history.

With its first San Martin event debuting last month, Goat Yoga includes 30 minutes of Goat Yoga followed by Goat Happy Hour.

For more information, visit and stay tuned South Valley magazine for an upcoming story on the “ORIGINAL Goat Yoga.”

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