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Around the Water Cooler: Do you support Prop 34?

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Posted: Friday, September 28, 2012 10:30 am

Question of the week: “Do you support state Proposition 34 on the November ballot, which would abolish the death penalty in California and replace it with life in prison without parole?”

David Cohen: Yes, because we don't seem to be using the death penalty. So let's abolish it and proceed with what we already have, which is life in prison.

Bert Berson: Yes. It serves no purpose and costs a great deal.

Dave Appling: Yes. The financial aspects are beside the point. The death penalty is morally justifiable only if it is an effective deterrent. The evidence shows that it is not, at least not at the state level (I can, however, see certain exceptions under military law).

Kathy Sullivan: Yes. Society needs to be protected from those who would do it harm. However if we value life as one of our most precious gifts, we have to value the lives of even those among us who do not honor life. They should be incarcerated but not killed. The inequity of who receives the death penalties is an important piece of this issue.

Lisa Pampuch: Yes. The death penalty is expensive – much more expensive than life in prison without parole – and does not deter crime. When you consider the finality of the sentence and the risk of executing an innocent person, it's clear that voters should approve Prop 34.

Chris Bryant: Yes, Ultimately this will save the state millions with no difference from today where those waiting for execution are effectively in jail for life due to the extremely lengthy appeal process in addition to the challenges to execution methods.

Julian Mancias: Yes. The death penalty is wrong. Innocent people have been put to death only to discover at a later date that they were innocent of the crime which they had supposedly committed.

Jeff Smith: No, I do not support Prop 34. The people on death row have committed heinous, horrible, and unspeakable crimes, and deserve to die. What about the innocent victims and their family members? Who is donating millions on their behalf? The propaganda that this proposition will somehow save money is ridiculous. Free housing, food, entertainment, medical and dental for life is cheaper than a lethal injection? Really? As far as the legal cost of endless appeals, well, if they're all innocent, then won't they also have the right to endlessly appeal a life sentence without parole?

Jeff Nunes: No. There are some crimes so heinous that the only appropriate punishment is the death penalty. That’s not to say that there are not improvements and safeguards that should be in place and can be with modern technology. Most of the arguments against it (deterrence, financial, etc.) miss the point by ignoring the suffering of the victims and their families and compromising one of the legitimate functions of our government – to administer justice.

Karen Anderson: Yes. The death penalty is too costly.  As much as the families of victims want swift and meaningful justice, which I support, the justice is anything but swift.

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  • WilllaimYancy posted at 10:30 am on Sun, Oct 7, 2012.

    WilllaimYancy Posts: 69

    You lie.

  • fredoliveri posted at 10:38 pm on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    fredoliveri Posts: 285

    Never called Lisa a Marist, stated some of lefty ideas bordered that way. As for Tara Romero under no circumstances did I ever do that. I did go to the Wells Fargo bank and made a donation for her funeral. I don't think you bother anyone's feelings such as mominmh or hh, certainly not me. We all know what we are dealing with.

  • WilllaimYancy posted at 6:35 pm on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    WilllaimYancy Posts: 69

    I hurt little freddy's feelings again. He doesn't like name-calling. Except when he's calling Lisa Pampuch a Marxist and Tara Romero an anchor baby.

  • fredoliveri posted at 6:16 pm on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    fredoliveri Posts: 285

    I take it yancey you will not take my advice and attend one of the Rachel's Challenges instead following up with another name calling episode. Let's see, you called miminmh a bum, me a liar. Stay tune for more examples of yancey's rants.

  • WilllaimYancy posted at 5:10 pm on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    WilllaimYancy Posts: 69

    You're a terrible liar. Especially so since your record of heartlessness going back years is all over the MH Times forums.

  • fredoliveri posted at 11:59 am on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    fredoliveri Posts: 285

    Sorry yancey, all the republicans I know and democrats as well care about their fellow man. I know only one person who throws out insults to others, that is you. Sign up for the class. You might become human.

  • WilllaimYancy posted at 11:22 am on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    WilllaimYancy Posts: 69

    Oh, suddenly fred is pretending to care about the indigent. If I had known that all I had to do to turn him into a liberal was adopt the conservative position, I would have done that years ago.

  • fredoliveri posted at 10:47 am on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    fredoliveri Posts: 285

    I wonder if Rachel's Challenge will be available on line. I would recommend yancey take a close look at it after calling someone a "bum."

  • WilllaimYancy posted at 7:59 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    WilllaimYancy Posts: 69

    "I can't afford dental care, health care, cable or internet." Then get a real job, you bum.

  • mominmh posted at 4:43 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    mominmh Posts: 11

    I can't afford dental care, health care, cable or internet. There are no free training programs for me. I often can't afford regular meals. I'm a respected and law-abiding citizen. Yet, all-but-the-Jeffs, would rather pay for murderers to receive a stable, gratis environment. We need Capital Punishment for murders and use the saved years of feeding and housing them to help families in need, for our schools, or any of a plethora of legitimate causes.

  • fredoliveri posted at 8:41 pm on Sat, Sep 29, 2012.

    fredoliveri Posts: 285

    Lisa states the death penalty is more expensive than life in prison. I cannot do the math and it makes no sense. Does the name Richard Allen Davis mean anything?. He kidnapped, raped and murdered Polly Klass and was sentenced to death in 1996. Why is he still here? About the poster child for a horrific human being killing his wife and unborn son Conner, Scott Peterson. Remember Ted Bundy? He has not murdered anyone lately nor will he, they had a Teddy Bar B Que in Florida. How about pushing through the appeals and getting rid of this scum. How can we ever forget Charles Manson and his crew? Still here costing the tax payers millions.

  • Buzz posted at 8:00 pm on Fri, Sep 28, 2012.

    Buzz Posts: 27

    No way. Some of these morons do not deserve to waste the air they breathe and eat meals I pay for, sleep in warm comfortable cells I pay for, receive unlimited healthcare I pay for, watch TV I pay for. My taxes can be better used such as a new dog park, sweeping streets etc.

  • Bubba posted at 3:00 pm on Fri, Sep 28, 2012.

    Bubba Posts: 12

    I will just vote the opposite of what Lisa Pampuch thinks.

  • hypocrisyhater posted at 1:45 pm on Fri, Sep 28, 2012.

    hypocrisyhater Posts: 234

    The two Jeffs, once again, give me hope that this town isn't full of complete morons.

    You want to cut down on how expensive the death penalty is? Stop letting them appeal their sentence 20 times.

    Eye for an eye.

    I hope to see this punishment carried out on those who killed Sierra and Tara.

  • paulewog posted at 1:07 pm on Fri, Sep 28, 2012.

    paulewog Posts: 4

    "is morally justifiable only if it is an effective deterrent"
    I disagree. The death penalty may be the actual just punishment. Deterring is not the primary goal, IMO, of the "justice department." It's to exact justice.

    If we decide to abolish the death penalty, then what we are saying is that there is *no crime* that deserves the death penalty.