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Hellbent on railing against Obama

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Posted: Thursday, October 18, 2012 7:00 pm

Blake Lebeck constructed the controversial political display outside his east Morgan Hill home not to offend minorities or promote racism, but to draw attention to the perils he says the country faces if President Barack Obama wins re-election in the Nov. 6 election.

“This is the most important election in my lifetime,” said Lebeck, 50, while standing in his driveway with his two dogs on Foothill Avenue Tuesday evening, where he was not short on criticism of the president.

The display started with just an empty chair about a month ago, he said, signifying the actor Clint Eastwood’s mockery of Obama at the Republican National Convention where Mitt Romney was nominated to run for president on the party’s ticket. Then he decided to “spice it up” with more symbolic props and decorations until people noticed, which they did last week when the display went viral on local television news and numerous websites that advocate for civil liberties, though Lebeck hasn’t talked about his intention or motives until Tuesday.

“I’m trying to get a response,” Lebeck said.

Nobody noticed the empty chair, so Lebeck added a watermelon grown from his garden, then a rope hanging from the chair tied in the shape of a noose, then another watermelon, and then a clear piece of glass or plastic representing a teleprompter with the scribbled message, “Go back to Kenya you idiot.”

By Tuesday morning the empty chair had been decorated with an effigy of Obama, made of a “coconut head” with two cutout shapes resembling large ears on the sides, and crudely drawn facial features with a cigarette attached to the effigy’s mouth.

The effigy also shows Obama wearing a pink robe and a pink head scarf on top of the coconut. Lebeck said these images allude to Obama’s support for gay marriage and the claim that the president is secretly a Muslim.

And Tuesday afternoon, an upside-down American flag was attached to the chair – “because we’re in distress,” he said. Lebeck has also pointed spotlights at the display so it can be seen 24 hours a day. The display was vandalized last Sunday he said, when he came home to find the chair knocked to the ground below the fence to which it was attached.

Just a few feet down from the display is a sign supporting Romney for president, with an American flag flying right-side-up.

Lebeck said he is not racist, but he doesn’t get overly defensive at the accusation because his friends and family know who he is, why he holds the political beliefs he holds, and agree with his politics. Lebeck, who is white, said two black men – one a friend of his for 30 years – live on his property in rented rooms. They were not at home Tuesday afternoon, but Lebeck said they don’t have an issue with the display.

The display is meant to mock only one person – the president, he said. Obama has a “thick head” like a coconut, still secretly smokes, and becomes upset when voters make fun of his ears, Lebeck said. Although some critics of the display have worried the noose on the exhibit is threatening to the president, Lebeck said that was just another “spice” to “attract attention.”

But he also wants people to know how the president’s economic policies have failed the country by promoting “socialism,” and that Obama is the one promoting division among the populace.

“My friends all support me – liberalism is the cause of racism,” Lebeck said. “(Obama) is the racist. If you don’t go along with his way, you are a racist (Obama says),” Lebeck said.  

“I’ve never seen anything quite that blatantly racist here,” said Swanee Edwards, spokeswoman for South County Democrat Party. “...This is so obvious, people’s jaws just drop when they see it. Before, I said I was shocked, now I’m just sad. And also angry because of the perceived threat to our president.”

Edwards, who has lived in Morgan Hill for 23 years, said if given the opportunity to speak to Lebeck she has something to say.

“I would like to tell him I support his freedom to free speech with every bone in my body, but I do not feel a hangman’s noose is free speech - that is a threat to our president. He has taken it beyond ... he’s stunned and offended the people who live here,” she said. Lebeck lost his job with IBM, where he worked for 30 years, shortly after “Dumbo” took office in 2009, he said, referring to Obama.

He has lived in Morgan Hill for about 30 years, and on his rural property which contains a garden, a couple RVs and other vehicles, since 1999.

Putting up the political display outside his home is the most activist thing he has ever done in support of or opposition to a partisan cause, but he said he has voted in every election since he turned 18. “I’m fed up,” he said.

Lebeck’s political views lean decidedly far right. He thinks the Republican Party has been taken over by “the left wing.” Though he is not an active follower of the Tea Party or Patriots movement, he is “leaning more and more that way.” He strongly believes the government has gained too much power over the populace in recent years, and will continue to do so if Obama is re-elected – and that is contrary to America’s founding principles.

He is passionate about these views as he speaks in a staccato rhythm that becomes faster and louder until he catches himself perhaps sounding too excited to the listener, and he stops to take a breath and lightly observe how lazy his dogs are, or talk about his fishing hobby.

Then he starts over when the discussion turns back to politics.

“We don’t need to invest in a freeloader society anymore,” he said. “Capitalism is the way to go, not socialism.”

He thinks the media and voters have been too easy on Obama the last four years, especially compared to his predecessor President George W. Bush.

“He’s circumventing everything with executive orders. Nobody asks him any questions,” Lebeck said.

Lebeck is offended by critics of his display who might suggest he should remove it, or he has no right to put up what some say is an offensive exhibit.

“How do you take freedom of speech too far? You have the God-given right to say what you want to say.”

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  • Dave McRae posted at 10:34 am on Sat, Nov 17, 2012.

    Dave McRae Posts: 72

    Lebeck, shove it up your hat my friend. That's my freedom of speech. Thanks for the misguided racism, now please don't try another stunt like that. The words I'd like to use to describe what I think or your actions would get me banned. Use your imagination.

  • Wustenfuchs posted at 8:14 pm on Tue, Oct 23, 2012.

    Wustenfuchs Posts: 2

    Mr. LeBeck seems in need of a lot of attention.

    Of course he has every right to display his opinion regardless of how racist, obnoxious or childish it is. If he wants to insult the President and a good portion of his fellow Americans then go ahead, so be it. It speaks a lot about his character.

  • littletwink posted at 3:58 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    littletwink Posts: 92

    1deyguy, youve made it clear that you do agree

  • 1derguy posted at 3:28 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    1derguy Posts: 71

    Now suppose Mr. Lebeck is White................

    Didn't stop to think about that one, did ya. Now if that would make ANY difference in your arguments, that, my friend would be racism.
    I don't agree with his method of expression but he has the right to do so.

  • jrsimunic posted at 2:29 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    jrsimunic Posts: 1

    Whether Lieback thinks he is a racist or not, he is. Linda O'Maley

  • littletwink posted at 2:12 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    littletwink Posts: 92

    you are a hatefull person, and if you hate hypocrites, you must really hate herself. i feel sorry for you.

  • littletwink posted at 2:12 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    littletwink Posts: 92

    geez, hypocrisyhater, you have issues. if your going to be a hypocrite, at least dont be a liar. i have been going through other threads and seen the hatefull things you posted about mexicans and muslims and others. the way you talk down to others who you disagree with. your posts are filled with hate. theres no disputing that (unless your a liar). and its worrisome that you think everyone who disagrees with you must be the same person. thats really bizarre, sick behavior

  • hypocrisyhater posted at 2:01 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    hypocrisyhater Posts: 234

    Little Twink? With 2 whole posts?

    Yancey-Boy has added another facet to his already crowded Multiple Personality Disorder.

  • hypocrisyhater posted at 1:59 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    hypocrisyhater Posts: 234

    What angry thing did I post?

    Was it about not being able to wear red, white and blue on certain days...because it sends certain people into a blind rage?

    I think I have been very cordial and polite.

  • littletwink posted at 12:30 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    littletwink Posts: 92

    n e way, hypocrisyhater, your always posting angry things. i guess its okay unless someone disagrees with you. thats more immature then anything

  • littletwink posted at 12:27 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    littletwink Posts: 92

    its weird that the hateful, immature and racist display gets a pass from so many people (hypocrisyhater), but that people who call it racist and get angry about it are treated like their the problem.

  • pk posted at 12:19 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    pk Posts: 7

    extreme ignorance and and pathetic!!!! This article has no business being printed - its disgraceful!!!!!!!

  • hypocrisyhater posted at 12:04 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    hypocrisyhater Posts: 234



    Good luck in your quest. We'll be on the lookout for whatever cool name you choose next for yourself.

  • MHTimesIsAwful posted at 11:16 am on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    MHTimesIsAwful Posts: 15

    Hate is a virtue when it's directed at racists and people who want to destroy America.

  • hypocrisyhater posted at 8:25 am on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    hypocrisyhater Posts: 234

    And the evolution of BeaverButt to YanceyBoy continues with the new and improved MHTimesIsAwful.

    You can change your name as many times as you like, boy. Your immature arrogance and hatred still comes shining through. :)

    I'm surprised you haven't figured out a way to blame this on all Christians and white folks, on the whole yet.....but it's still early. I'm sure you'll come up with something good.

  • Calle posted at 2:57 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Calle Posts: 64

    I have got to say that the display out on Foot Hill is one of the worst things I have ever seen in the Morgan Hill area. Although this child like display is protected here in the US I have heard from many people who would like to see it removed. IMO it's sad that in modern times this type of behavior is still around. I realize that the small minds that created this object of so much hate are unable to see it for what it is but I hope that the rest of us with reasonable minds take this as a warning as to what ignorance can do.

    For those that defend the content of this sad display all one could say is that your hate is showing.

  • MHTimesIsAwful posted at 10:32 am on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    MHTimesIsAwful Posts: 15

    Then move to Somalia or some other sh*thole country where people and, live, and die in abject poverty, judycatgirl. There are no evil unions there. I'm sure you'd love it. Seriously, what kind of sicko WANTS more of their fellow Americans to be out of a job and to be without any sort of security or retirement? This is the conservative vision for America, folks. They want everyone to live and die in grinding poverty, with no security, no retirement, and no hope for advancement. It's a pathology.

    And larryjohnson, of course, will only go so far as to call this "weird," then blame Obama for it. He's sick, as well, like all conservatives. Heck, if we're not going to deport conservatives for actively working to undermine this country and attack their fellow Americans, can we at least institutionalize for being mentally-ill wackos?

  • judycatgirl posted at 10:05 am on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    judycatgirl Posts: 35

    Gee, QandA, bad example. How about our tax dollars paying for Green Energy like Solyndra, or bailing out GM when they could have done what over one million other firms did and go through the bankruptcy procedures that over one million other firms did during the last four years. I do not mind paying for needed services like fire and police or teachers. I do not want to fund lucrative retirement packages for public employees like fire and police and teachers.

  • QandA posted at 9:41 am on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    QandA Posts: 2

    Okay. For all of you half-wits calling our president a socialist, let me put it like this: Why should my taxes pay for the fire department? Why should I spend my hard-earned American dollars on YOUR burnt down house? YOU should be more careful, that's not MY problem to pay for. Is THAT socialism?

    Old lady in a retirement home has a gun in her mouth while thugs steal every material possession she holds dear from her home. After they rape and pistol-whip her, she calls the police....that MY tax dollars pay for. Why should I have to pay for this old bag getting robbed and raped? That's not my problem or concern. The police don't leave her a bill, do they? Is THAT socialism?

    I got a bunch more examples, but you people sound retarded when you throw around words like "socialism" when you have the societal perspective of a 6-year old who just believes whatever they're told. There are a number of issues on which we as a people decided to get together, put selfishnes aside, and do what's right for the PEOPLE AS A WHOLE. You people need to....evolve quite frankly. Your pal Jesus would be ashamed of you.

    I wish Ron Paul stood half a chance. In this political climate though, that would simply be a wasted vote. Unfortunately.


  • larryjohnson posted at 8:39 am on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    larryjohnson Posts: 86

    Can't we just see this for what it is. Some guy that has a weird way of expressing himself in a misguided attempt to get attention.

    And a liberal newspaper that will use any excuse to divert political attention away from Obama's record for the last four years with unreasonable hopes that Obama will do better if given another four years. (spoiler alert - if you want to see what someone will do in his next four years as president, look at how he bungled the last four years as president)

  • MHTimesIsAwful posted at 7:54 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    MHTimesIsAwful Posts: 15

    And stop with the ellipses. You write like a third-grader.

  • MHTimesIsAwful posted at 7:51 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    MHTimesIsAwful Posts: 15

    I do indeed think that people who accuse our president of treason and of being a greater threat than al-Qaeda are awful. And, not merely awful, but actively treasonous, in that that sort of talk gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. I fully stand by my original comment.

  • arnyg posted at 7:30 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    arnyg Posts: 5

    ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
    Adj. 1. seditious - arousing to action or rebellion
    incitive, instigative, rabble-rousing, inflammatory, incendiary
    provocative - serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate; stimulating discussion or exciting controversy; "a provocative remark"; "a provocative smile"; "provocative Irish tunes which...compel the hearers to dance"- Anthony Trollope
    2. seditious - in opposition to a civil authority or government
    insurgent, subversive
    disloyal - deserting your allegiance or duty to leader or cause or principle; "disloyal aides revealed his indiscretions to the papers"

  • arnyg posted at 7:28 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    arnyg Posts: 5

    Awe....God bless you MHTimesIsAweful....you really should get a name change though....well I don't see the reason for treason, but maybe you are just saying it because you are an angry person...maybe not so happy...maybe don't know how too hold a conversation....maybe don't do well in your relationships...maybe you just think everything and everyone is Awful....maybe your name is prophetic?

    Whatever the case....I really do wish you well...forgive me for the sarcasm....if you ever want someone to talk too or just need a friend, maybe you are just person enough too meet me at a cafe or bagel shop in town some morning,,,seriously....in Christ...God bless you Awful...

  • MHTimesIsAwful posted at 5:39 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    MHTimesIsAwful Posts: 15

    arnyg, your words are so seditious that I wouldn't give you the chance to leave the country. You should simply hang for your treason.

  • arnyg posted at 4:33 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    arnyg Posts: 5

    “I’ve never seen anything quite that blatantly racist here,” said Swanee Edwards, spokeswoman for South County Democrat Party. “...This is so obvious, people’s jaws just drop when they see it. Before, I said I was shocked, now I’m just sad. And also angry because of the perceived threat to our president.”

    Obama is more than a perceived threat to this nation and its constitution, that is unless you side with the president and his Presidential use of power to overthrow our constitution....

    His five closest mentors, which included his father...have all denounced the United States and its Constitution....I would say, that the President Obama is the one that is even more than a perceived threat...

    If someone really LIKES socialism why don't they just move to a country that is already so? To me, it seems much easier to do....we LIKE our constitution....Socialists should just move to a Socialist country...

    As a Christian, I have seen many different types of churches....like many different types of soups...they all taste different....I am at the church or soup mix I like....God has me there...

    If you don't like the soup mix you're in....get out of the soup....get out of the United States of America and its Constitution.....very few people are stopped for leaving the country....it's okay...it's your choice....go....and God Bless you and yours....I hope you have fun....I really do....and why wouldn't you have fun....it's what you really want....so go....have fun...live your life the way you want in the type of environment you want right? Go....and have fun...

  • MHTimesIsAwful posted at 3:59 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    MHTimesIsAwful Posts: 15

    I'd be troubled if you had any respect for me. It would mean I was doing something seriously wrong.

  • Commonsense5 posted at 1:24 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    Commonsense5 Posts: 10


    It is amazing that you even suggest that I am making a "thinly veiled threat of violence againt people".

    Does hate and anger fill every moment of your life? You have lost any credibility r respect I may have thought you would have had or had for you.

  • MHTimesIsAwful posted at 12:07 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    MHTimesIsAwful Posts: 15

    And just so we're clear, the First Amendment was never intended, and has never been interpreted, to provide absolute protection of speech. You can't call your Congressman and tell them you're going to kill them, for instance, even though it's "what you feel and think." You'll be arrested, and the judge will laugh at you if you try to claim it was within your First Amendment rights.

  • MHTimesIsAwful posted at 12:02 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    MHTimesIsAwful Posts: 15

    The First Amendment actually enshrines a number of rights, including freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of religion, a prohibition respecting the establishment of a religion, and freedom of assembly. The Founders regarded these things as more important than the right to bear arms. I get, it, though, Commonsense5, you're making a thinly-veiled threat of violence against people who would criticize this display. Unfortunately, no one's calling for his speech to be curtailed, except insofar as he may have broken the law by calling for the president to be lynched. If nothing else, a nice chat with the Secret Service is in order.

  • Dave McRae posted at 10:20 am on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    Dave McRae Posts: 72

    I think the more important angle to most people is the loss of property value that goes along with stories like this getting published on the internet. When an area gets this type of negative publicity, such as this display and the mosque battle, people tend to not want to move there. That leads to a loss of property value just due to supply and demand pressures.

    I'm sure while most people support free speech, they cringe at this racist horror show and privately curse the $5000 or so they just lost on the value of their house just for being associated with this garbage.

    Pretty soon an area can get "typecast" or better yet "stereotyped" as to certain alleged attributes. It's the exact mechanism of racism, but used against a geographical area.

    Pretty soon you're, "the wrong side of ______."

    In contrast, I believe most people want to project an open, accepting, peacful, prosperous community to the world. One where open debate is civil and intelligent. One where compromise is commonplace.

    This story is just a black eye on the community. It's really bad. It's shameful.

  • Commonsense5 posted at 8:26 am on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    Commonsense5 Posts: 10

    The right to say what you feel and think is one of the most important rights we have whether you agree with what is said or not. If you want to infringe on that right then your right will also be infringed upon. You also will be silenced. It would not be a one way street as much as you may like it to be.

    One of the primary reason our founding fathers ensured that the right to speak freely was protected was to keep the government in check. Along with the right to bare arms. That is why they are the first two that made up the original 10 that were the Bill of Rights. They were the most important.

  • MHTimesIsAwful posted at 5:13 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    MHTimesIsAwful Posts: 15

    Thank god for the MH Times, casting a violent racist in a sympathetic light.

  • Apollo posted at 3:32 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    Apollo Posts: 1

    This is [sad]. If he is trying to support Romney this is the opposite! It makes folks wonder if Romney would support this type of racism. I'm also emparassed that anyone in our town would put such a horrible thing out for us to view. Although "Freedom of Speech" is everyones right here in America. This type of behavior is childish. This makes me feel like we have reverted back to the 60's and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. needs to march thru Morgan Hill. Lebeck should be ashamed of himself and maybe consider more carefully whether he wants to continue living in our beautiful town that accepts everyone with open arms and open hearts! This type of behavior doesn't belong here Or anywhere in my opinion!

  • ifilovedeer posted at 11:11 am on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    ifilovedeer Posts: 2

    Trying to reason with thermopylae is like trying to reason with a rabid dog, QandA. You just don't bother.

  • QandA posted at 1:39 am on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    QandA Posts: 2

    1. I'm an Obama supporter. I work upwards of 60 hours a week for my money. Never been on welfare of any kind. There goes that theory...

    2. If you can't see the symbolism of a noose and equate that with blatant racism, there's really no hope for you. Quite frankly when you cross that line of expressing yourself with your ever-so-precious 1st Amendment rights into the realm of making physical threats, you better be prepared to handle whatever you got coming. Idiots keep trying to defend this as just a "political statement". Give me a break. Are racists TRULY that blind?

    3. And as far as being told what to think, LOL let's not get started. If I listened to the loud, obnoxious Republican base, then Obama is a socialist Muslim Al-Qaeda member from Kenya. They want to call him the "n-word" so bad, but they don't want the "racist" label lol. So they smear his name anyway they can and impede his progress at every move. So childish.


  • thermopylae posted at 7:06 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    thermopylae Posts: 41

    It was only a matter of time before the people living off government entitlements and tax payer dollars starting speaking out about this article. It is nice to know they do what they are told and think what they are told to think.

    You have to love these Obama supporters. Come November they will have to actually work to get money.

  • 1derguy posted at 3:22 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    1derguy Posts: 71

    Now I wouldn't consider myself a racist, and calling someone that on a forum is the equivalent of saying I have nothing to add. I don't get that either, I guess they just don't have any facts to back-up their position.
    Mr. Lebeck is within his 1st Amendment rights to display what he wishes, I don't agree, but that is his right. It could possibly be considered sedition, but tough to prove. That's why the Act was repealed almost a hundred years ago.
    As an example, If one of you decide to prance around your property in chaps, and nothing else, that is your right. I don't understand or agree but you have this right. It doesn't mean you're anything, maybe you're just experimenting or confused. If you head down to Safeway for some body oil or what not, that also is your right. But you are now pushing the boundaries of etiquette and good taste, provided no decency laws are broken. But still your right . If you plan to take your oily chap wearing body into the street, it's against the law to obstruct traffic. I don't think Mr Lebeck has broken any laws or his display would have been forcibly removed. So, Tex, there you have it, and it didn't hurt a bit.

  • Ross posted at 11:38 am on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Ross Posts: 2

    i hope this racist pig drowns in mayo.

  • Exhausted posted at 9:03 am on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Exhausted Posts: 1

    We have had a few incidences in Santa Clara County lately of people putting up racists signs and then trying to say that "their not racist, their just making a statement." Well, guess what guys? You ARE racist and your're the worst type of a bigot because you act as though the hate, ignorance, and vitriol that you spread is justified because "Oh, I'm just making a statement." When your statement involves a watermelon and a noose the only thing I'm hearing is that your a poor excuse of a human being, a coward for not admitting what you truly are (a bigot), and CLEARLY ignorant and apathetic to the feelings of those who are not racist and or a minority.

  • derfoliveri posted at 6:38 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    derfoliveri Posts: 6

    No, you're not under a rock, 1derguy. You're a full-blown racist.

  • 1derguy posted at 6:22 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    1derguy Posts: 71

    I'm just not seeing it. His opinion is just that. I see no discrimination based on race, only a satirical diorama that some are finding in bad taste.
    I also don't believe all cars with rainbow decals are owned by Gays. If WE decide to lean on this guy, at what point do we stop? No laws have been broken only the Code of Etiquette. Back under my rock now.

  • Calle posted at 4:13 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    Calle Posts: 64

    @1derguy - Come on my friend, any sane person who in 2012 would use watermelons and a noose in any context with a black person has to be pressing the race button or they would otherwise have to be living under a rock. It's all out there for all to see. Those who are blind may want to take stock.

    It's shameful that this display is in our town. We need to keep an eye on this guy.

  • 1derguy posted at 3:31 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    1derguy Posts: 71

    Man, I just can't understand all of this. I wouldn't label this guy a racist, just a guy that is angry about the status of the economy. The big "O" said that once he takes office this economy, he inherited, will be HIS problem, and was right.
    As for racism, NO, satire ,YES. The NY Times has worse cartoons than this.
    I don't believe all Whites are eating grits, biscuits and gravy. Nor the Blacks eating fried chicken and watermelon.
    I personally like all of the foods, I guess that would make me a, Metroethnician? Hate me instead.

  • Farmerette posted at 2:49 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    Farmerette Posts: 31

    If he's "fed up" he's welcome to move anytime...his renter must be a desperate to put up with that (rap.

  • Yancey's_Mom posted at 2:44 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    Yancey's_Mom Posts: 9

    Yes out of work automatically equals welfare.

  • derfoliveri posted at 2:37 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    derfoliveri Posts: 6

    Oh, and he's been out of work for 3 years, but calls everyone else a freeloader. This guy is a real winner.

  • derfoliveri posted at 2:36 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    derfoliveri Posts: 6

    Oh, he's an idiot. Who would have guessed?

  • Calle posted at 2:11 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    Calle Posts: 64

    I, for one, am glad this guy is out in the open so that we can keep an eye on him. I find it most amusing that he does not consider himself a raciest. After all, it is a free country where even the most extreme points of view can be heard out. Personally I hang my head in shame at the sight of all this in our little town but I guess it takes all types.